USB drives

(This is part of a larger series on finding your footing on Arch Linux.)

Last modified: 29 May 2022

Goal: Read from and write to external USB drives, including those with the NTFS file system.


Requirements (depending on the file systems you want to interact with):

These packages allow read/write interaction with the file systems commonly used on USB media.

Manual everything

Well there’s a decent amount going on here. You should roughly grok what a block device is, and what partitions are. You should know what a file system is. You have to mount the USB drive’s filesystem to your computer, so the USB drive’s files are accessible on your system.

Using udisksctl

Ejecting with udisks2

This package allows you to disconnect power from an e.g. USB drive, which makes for safer ejecting.


File systems

The mount command should detect the USB drive’s file system and use the appropriate library if needed. See e.g. the mount command should know to use the ntfs file system after an installation of ntfs-3g.